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"Mysterious Deliveries"

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Full length movie 66 minutes playing time
Featuring Kari and Stefanie

Kari is spending a quiet afternoon with her grown up daughter Stefanie when there is a knock at the door. It is a parcel delivery but they neither of them were expecting anything. It has their address on the label and no return sender so they figure they could open it.

Inside are three cute outfits like Stefanie would have worn when she was little. Kari insists she put them on. She really misses those early years and is a bit sad her step daughter is all grown up.

Stefanie resists but eventually agrees. Kari thinks she looks awesome and it brings back wonderful memories.

Then another knock and another delivery. They open a quite large box and in it are disposable diapers. But not just any diapers, diapers that fit adults but with cutesy patterns. Kari insists she put one on Stefanie just like she used to. Stefanie thinks this is really weird but reluctantly agrees. How did this happen? One minute sitting on the couch with her mom and the next in littles clothes and diapered

But it progresses all the way to a total regression as more parcels arrive.

Kari spoon feeds her girl then later goes a whole step further and breast feeds her. With a full tummy Stefanie nods off and wakes with a wet diaper and very confused.

Welcome to her new reality.

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